Before and after

Sometimes you ask me about lighting so I thought I would share some photos.

Two heads lighting the background, bouncing into the polyboards, mostly to avoid camera flare.

The main light is a Beauty Dish with reflector and the second light is a Balloon. A beauty dish is probably my favourite light source, besides ambient, when it comes to portraits. It gives a beautiful fall off, eg. this shot (top one). The balloon is completely underrated but gives an amazingly soft light. I use it a lot for beauty shots.

The combination of a beauty dish and a balloon isn’t typical I guess, but I find using just a beauty dish will be too harsh for a fashion shoot. Big soft boxes are easy and reliable, but can give a too flat light. It depends on what you shoot of course. 

Hugo Boss Love

Make up artist and hair stylist Karolina Danielson. Model Caroline.

And ready to go.

Caroline II


Ula said...

your studio set up is most impressive, one day I hope to have one similar to this, I am making the steps though... =)

becca said...

tycker riktigt mycket om de här bilderna. väldigt vackra.