Materially Embodied

Hilda Ekeroth and I met eleven years ago when we studied together at the University of Lille, France. We were both young, it was the first time we lived abroad and our French was perhaps slightly less fluent than we had expected.

It seemed impossible to find an acceptable place to stay in the occasional bureaucracy French society. We looked at some truly odd and mouldy studios, one where you had to walk through the men’s room at a bar to enter the staircase up to the studio. Clearly not an option.

Exhausted, I asked the receptionist at the hotel of any advice. He shook his head and said “do you know that Lille has the third highest crime rate in France?” He placed a map on the desk, grabbed a pen and then put a big black cross over EVERY central suburb except one. He wrote down an address to a real estate agent in the uncrossed suburb, Madeleine, made a call and voilĂ , with my parents signature I moved into a, perhaps not elegant, but charming apartment.

Hilda was more courageous and moved in to a sweet little room in a well, let’s just say, not quite so sweet suburb. We became friends but I haven’t seen her since France. Eleven years ago.

It was great seeing her again in Copenhagen last week. She is currently doing her fifth year at Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and Materially Embodied is her first solo show. I think the series is absolutely beautiful. Materially Embodied is on at Gallery Fifth Floor, Istedgade 136, Copenhagen.

Artist statement - Hilda Ekeroth

Oljan mimar plasten. Dom mimar varandra.
Pigmentet faller genom oljan och placerar sig emellan. Under ytan.

The oil mimes the plastic. They mime each other.
The pigment falls through the oil and places itself in between. Under the surface.
(free translation)

Materially Embodied I

Materially Embodied III

Art work: Hilda Ekeroth
Photos: Annevi Petersson


My new home

My new studio space ♥

I picked up the keys today. To my new studio space in the heart of Stockholm. I’m moving into the studio of the two talented and lovely photographers, Carl-Johan Paulin (advertising) and Mathias Nero (architecture).

Studio address: Igeldammsgatan 22A, lvl 2.
(Subway stop Fridhemsplan)


Hold on

A self portrait series I photographed in 2008, but haven't posted before.