The road to

Vägen till sångerna (the road to the songs) is an anthology with interviews of contemporary Swedish singer-songwriters written by Stefan Warnqvist. A discussion about their work, influences and creative process are brought together into a book including discographies and photos.

Dungen, Taken by Trees, Timo Räisänen, Elin Sigvardsson and Dear Euphoria are a few of the  musicians that are interviewed. Some of my photos of Elina Johansson aka Dear Euphoria are published in the book.

Vägen till sångerna will be published in Sweden in September 2010. Hopefully it will be translated sometime soon.



The annual Australian Professional Photography Awards, APPA, was held in Melbourne last weekend and it’s always nice to attend the event and catch up with other photographers. Unfortunately I missed out this year being overseas.

It has been a busy few months moving to Europe, to get the entire logistics happening as well as shooting and travelling.

The model is Jessie Habermann, an Australian model on the rise. Photographed in Melbourne last year.


Sketch Magazine

The Australian art magazine, Sketch, did a short write up on me and published some of my photos and drawings.


Slideluck Stockholm

Let it Fall

There is a Slideluck Screening in Stockholm tonight at Delight Studios. Slideluck is a New York City based organization founded in 2000 by advertising photographer Casey Kelbaugh.

I have work in the Stockholm show, an underwater series accompanied with music by Elina Johansson. Admission fee 100sek and there will be food, treats, drinks and afterparty.

All the information about the Stockholm Screening can be found here.



Australia's top emerging photographers

Australia’s largest photo magazine, Capture Magazine, has listed Australia’s top photographers of the year.

I feel humble to be nominated, among some truly amazing shooters, in Australia’s top emerging photographer of the year. In fashion. And portrait.