Secret doors of Melbourne

I woke up early, packed the camera bag and went for a walk a couple of days before I left Melbourne. I lived in CBD and walked around the familiar lanes, photographing some of the cafés and bars.

St Jeromes used to be one of my favourite spots, but they closed down last year. The owners opened up a new place, Sister Bella. It’s not the same, but still a sweet afternoon café, perfect to sit and work with your visual diary on a rainy day.

Murmur, between Elizabeth and Queen, has the most competent and friendly bar imaginable. Also, grab a Pizza at Il Portobello downstairs. Yum.

Along Lonsdale Street you have The Emerald Peacock, Seamstress and Manchuria (cocktail bar). A slightly more elegant cocktail bar is Comme off Collins St.

Centre Place is always busy, filled with tourists and small cafés. Grab some fabulous pumpkin curry upstairs at Hell’s Kitchen.

AC/DC Lane a few blocks up from Hosier Lane is gritty Cherry, often with local acts. Same feel as Pony. You just wont get in here with a collar. On the other hand, you couldn’t get in to Arthur’s next door without one. (Currently only open for private functions)


Meyers Place is a good place to start if you're looking for a night out. Lily Blacks is a popular yet a slightly more quiet bar. I’ve had a “the first date” here. And going away drinks once. Cross the street and dance the night away at Loop.

Just a block away is Madame Brussels and their English country look, with fake grass, waiters in tennis shorts. Works best as an afternoon bar, located at a rooftop. PS. The lift is always broken.

Double Happiness is another little favourite bar, located at Liverpool Street. This one can be tricky to find (red glass doors) but oh so worth it. Get a Mr Foo, a cocktail with chilli vodka, lime, coriander and ginger.

Croft Institute

Impossible to find unless you know where it is. Some photos I did for Croft 2 years ago.

Section 8

In 2006, I studied graphic design just around the corner so we went to Section 8 a lot, for lunch, for drinks and for long conversations all night long.

It didn’t use to be busy, but it is now, but it is one of my favourite spots in the afternoon. Just sit back on one of the crates, start working in the visual diary and enjoy a drink. They have Melbourne’s best vodka, lime and soda.

Don't miss Cami Shanghai Dumpling & Noodles next door. It's kind of gritty but the food is great. And cheap.

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