Time to go

It’s my last night in Melbourne. I have lived here since 2006 but my visa expires and I have to go.

I have finished packing and the apartment feels empty and silent. Looking out over the city and I’m feeling a bit sad. I love this place.

It’s a 26 hours flight in the morning to Europe, 10 hours shorter than last time so I’m lucky.

I look forward seeing family and friends in Sweden. It is more than a year since I saw them last time. Can’t wait really, but now, right now, I feel mainly sadness of leaving a place that feels like home.

This is home, but it’s time to build a new somewhere else.

July 2007


Angela said...

You will be loved wherever you go.

becwinnel said...

Happy safe travels on your way home. Glad you had a good time while you were here... maybe you will be able to come back and visit sometime :)

My brother, his girlfriend is from Sweden too! She is here studying, they were back in Sweden for Christmas, my bro said it was soooo cold hehe!

Hope you will keep your blog up!


Anne said...

Angela, thanks hun.

Bec,it's oh so cold here! And yes, I will keep this blog.