Time to go

It’s my last night in Melbourne. I have lived here since 2006 but my visa expires and I have to go.

I have finished packing and the apartment feels empty and silent. Looking out over the city and I’m feeling a bit sad. I love this place.

It’s a 26 hours flight in the morning to Europe, 10 hours shorter than last time so I’m lucky.

I look forward seeing family and friends in Sweden. It is more than a year since I saw them last time. Can’t wait really, but now, right now, I feel mainly sadness of leaving a place that feels like home.

This is home, but it’s time to build a new somewhere else.

July 2007

Alpha 60 GPO

Alpha 60 recently opened a new store in GPO, Melbourne. I almost got too caught up in all the lovely little graphic details when I photographed the shop.

PS. The summer sale started today.