Finalist in The Edge

I was just told that I am a finalist in the Edge Photo Imaging Excellence Awards 2009.

It is a portrait of stand up comedian Magesh, also well-known Australian drummer.

The images will be on display and the category winners will be announced tomorrow at the awards night (Tuesday 15 Dec), at The Hogan Gallery, 310 Smith Street, Collingwood. The function starts at 7 pm.



Peter Madison said...

Jag håller tummarna!
Snygg mikrofon, en Shure SM55, även kallad Elvismikrofonen. (nördig ickekunskap) :)

Anne said...

Ja, SM55 känns bekant. Hyrde och fick släpa stativet med mig genom stan.

Vann gjorde jag inte, men det var en trevlig kväll och utställningen med bilderna var fin.

Anonymous said...
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