Croft Institute

It is Saturday night in Melbourne. The bars in Melbourne are often found at the end of a dark and obscure alleyway. The Croft Institute in China Town is no exception.



And the bathroom.



Snapshutter said...

Another aspect of Melbourne I really loved. The bars. Never seen so many good natured people in one place.

Have you ever driven the great ocean road to the 12 apostles? Some incredible photo ops.

Anne said...

I find the Australians very friendly and there are lots of great bars in the city.

Actually haven’t been south of Melbourne at all.

Anna said...

I love your photos. The variations and the contrasts. Images you can look at for a very long time. This catch of perspective with the bar stools is my favorite I think.

Anonymous said...

Annevi - these images are really superb!!

Dr Croft said...

Great Job Annevi