I have a new website and photo blog. The new address is: www.annevi.com
I have moved my weddings to this site:  www.anneviweddings.com.

Thank you everyone that have kept reading here over the last year. I hope you will join me on the new blog. Don’t be a stranger.

/Annevi xx



Time to sum things up, although it's not a wrap quite yet.

After four years in Australia my visa expired so I moved from Australian summer to Swedish winter in February.

Australia is fairly remote to… most places. So I did some travelling.

I had an exhibition in Los Angeles and met up with photography friends. It was probably the best trip of the year.

DMU Show, Opening LA May 1st


Shot a wedding in LA, my first actually. It was featured at Rock’n’Roll Bride.


I went to Stockholm and photographed singer songwriter Elina in Dear Euphoria. The photos were published in the book Vägen till Sångerna by Stefan Warnqvist.

Elina and I also worked together on another project. Her voice and my images in a video that was screened at Slideluck Stockholm.

Beach wedding featured at Once Wed, a bridal blog with over 3 million readers/month.

Longed to get back into the studio and photographed beautiful African top model, Mirash during Stockholm Fashion Week.

Sketch Magazine
Had some spreads in the Australian Magazine, Sketch Magazine.

Biggest gig of the year was with fashion designers Alpha 60, for Sportsgirl Australia. It was printed on postcards and in stores all over Australia.

Won a silver award at the Australian Professional Photography Awards 2010.

Went to Copenhagen and met my artist friend Hilda Ekeroth and photographed her exhibition.

Materially Embodied

Went to Paris and met one of my best friends, who was in Paris on honeymoon.

Moved into a studio space in Stockholm by the end of September. Love it.

My new studio space

Shot for L'Oréal Sweden, most of the images are not published yet, but will be.

I won three bronze awards at the International Aperture Awards 2010, in three different categories, people, wedding and illustrative. The one in illustrative below:


Before and after

Sometimes you ask me about lighting so I thought I would share some photos.

Two heads lighting the background, bouncing into the polyboards, mostly to avoid camera flare.

The main light is a Beauty Dish with reflector and the second light is a Balloon. A beauty dish is probably my favourite light source, besides ambient, when it comes to portraits. It gives a beautiful fall off, eg. this shot (top one). The balloon is completely underrated but gives an amazingly soft light. I use it a lot for beauty shots.

The combination of a beauty dish and a balloon isn’t typical I guess, but I find using just a beauty dish will be too harsh for a fashion shoot. Big soft boxes are easy and reliable, but can give a too flat light. It depends on what you shoot of course. 

Hugo Boss Love

Make up artist and hair stylist Karolina Danielson. Model Caroline.

And ready to go.

Caroline II


Christmas card 2010

My sister and her family visited me in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and I took the annual Christmas card photo of my niece and nephews.

And a few portraits.



Paul 9

Paul 12

Model: Paul (France)
Make up artist and hair: Karolina Danielson
Wardrobe Stylist: Valentina Ferracane

Wardrobe mostly Hugo Boss. Special thanks to Presskontakterna.



Friday night and weekend.
For some people.

I just got back from the studio and have more work to do tonight. But I’m really excited about a fashion shoot tomorrow morning. The model is absolutely amazing with long red curly hair so I’m pretty sure we will get some cool shoots out of it.

This week has been all about fashion. Shooting a SS2011 for a Swedish fashion designer and attended a  couple of showroom events.

Another event, or a screening really, was Slideluck Potshow Stockholm earlier this year. Some of my images were shown, music by Dear Euphoria. You can see the (very compressed) video here.


Materially Embodied

Hilda Ekeroth and I met eleven years ago when we studied together at the University of Lille, France. We were both young, it was the first time we lived abroad and our French was perhaps slightly less fluent than we had expected.

It seemed impossible to find an acceptable place to stay in the occasional bureaucracy French society. We looked at some truly odd and mouldy studios, one where you had to walk through the men’s room at a bar to enter the staircase up to the studio. Clearly not an option.

Exhausted, I asked the receptionist at the hotel of any advice. He shook his head and said “do you know that Lille has the third highest crime rate in France?” He placed a map on the desk, grabbed a pen and then put a big black cross over EVERY central suburb except one. He wrote down an address to a real estate agent in the uncrossed suburb, Madeleine, made a call and voilà, with my parents signature I moved into a, perhaps not elegant, but charming apartment.

Hilda was more courageous and moved in to a sweet little room in a well, let’s just say, not quite so sweet suburb. We became friends but I haven’t seen her since France. Eleven years ago.

It was great seeing her again in Copenhagen last week. She is currently doing her fifth year at Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and Materially Embodied is her first solo show. I think the series is absolutely beautiful. Materially Embodied is on at Gallery Fifth Floor, Istedgade 136, Copenhagen.

Artist statement - Hilda Ekeroth

Oljan mimar plasten. Dom mimar varandra.
Pigmentet faller genom oljan och placerar sig emellan. Under ytan.

The oil mimes the plastic. They mime each other.
The pigment falls through the oil and places itself in between. Under the surface.
(free translation)

Materially Embodied I

Materially Embodied III

Art work: Hilda Ekeroth
Photos: Annevi Petersson


My new home

My new studio space ♥

I picked up the keys today. To my new studio space in the heart of Stockholm. I’m moving into the studio of the two talented and lovely photographers, Carl-Johan Paulin (advertising) and Mathias Nero (architecture).

Studio address: Igeldammsgatan 22A, lvl 2.
(Subway stop Fridhemsplan)


Hold on

A self portrait series I photographed in 2008, but haven't posted before.


Sportsgirls like...

Sportsgirls like Alpha 60.
So do I.

Alpha 60 recently designed a collection for the major Australian fashion brand Sportsgirl. You might have seen it in stores, on posters or at postcards.

I shot the portrait (below) used in the campaign.

Collection at Sportsgirl.

Alpha 60


The road to

Vägen till sångerna (the road to the songs) is an anthology with interviews of contemporary Swedish singer-songwriters written by Stefan Warnqvist. A discussion about their work, influences and creative process are brought together into a book including discographies and photos.

Dungen, Taken by Trees, Timo Räisänen, Elin Sigvardsson and Dear Euphoria are a few of the  musicians that are interviewed. Some of my photos of Elina Johansson aka Dear Euphoria are published in the book.

Vägen till sångerna will be published in Sweden in September 2010. Hopefully it will be translated sometime soon.



The annual Australian Professional Photography Awards, APPA, was held in Melbourne last weekend and it’s always nice to attend the event and catch up with other photographers. Unfortunately I missed out this year being overseas.

It has been a busy few months moving to Europe, to get the entire logistics happening as well as shooting and travelling.

The model is Jessie Habermann, an Australian model on the rise. Photographed in Melbourne last year.


Sketch Magazine

The Australian art magazine, Sketch, did a short write up on me and published some of my photos and drawings.


Slideluck Stockholm

Let it Fall

There is a Slideluck Screening in Stockholm tonight at Delight Studios. Slideluck is a New York City based organization founded in 2000 by advertising photographer Casey Kelbaugh.

I have work in the Stockholm show, an underwater series accompanied with music by Elina Johansson. Admission fee 100sek and there will be food, treats, drinks and afterparty.

All the information about the Stockholm Screening can be found here.



Australia's top emerging photographers

Australia’s largest photo magazine, Capture Magazine, has listed Australia’s top photographers of the year.

I feel humble to be nominated, among some truly amazing shooters, in Australia’s top emerging photographer of the year. In fashion. And portrait. 


Me and my shooooes

NY based photographer Daniel Krieger was one of the photographers exhibiting at the DMU Show in LA last month. We met up when I was in NYC and got to shoot a bit.

I took this photo of him at a bbq at Manhattan Beach, LA.

The two shots below are his, both taken at the gallery opening.


Photo: Daniel Krieger

And my shoooes.

Photo: Daniel Krieger